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Sunday, 20 July 2014

Green Grubs (Weekend Humour)

After the repeal of the despised tax on vital to life carbon dioxide, the tax that, according to IPCC Scientist Professor Roger Jones (link), would reduce, by 2100,  global temperature by four thousands of a degree, Sarah Hanson-Young(@SarahinSen8) tweeted: "climate sceptic grubs."

This got me thinking.......what colour are most grubs?

Now, I am probably wrong, but I get a strong image in my mind and that image is Green.

When I worked in the pottery industry, I worked with a marvellous industrial chemist who was great at creating and naming glazes;  Great Keppel Blue is one that comes to mind.

Perhaps, if Tom was still with us, he could create a new colour called Sarah Hansen's Grub Green.

He could also create some colours for some of SHY's fantasies, like Sea Patrol red (the colour her cheeks should have been) and economic immigrant blue for SHY's open border policy blue. 

And perhaps Earthling Brown after old Greens leader Bob. 

Perhaps Milne mauve?

And for Bill Shorten, with his pitch for (as Christopher Pyne said) a "rotten stinking carcass around his neck," could I suggest "Pitch Black?"

Remember the nematodes, SHY, they are attracted by the CO2 emissions of "green grubs" and kill them.
 It contains insect-pathogenic nematodes of the species Heterorhabditis bacteriophora that seek out actively for grubs in the soil. Attracted by CO2 emissions of the grubs they enter into their body, kill them and reproduce inside the cadaver. (link)

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