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Tuesday, 14 April 2015

US Tornado Season Quieter than Normal

This week we read of a US tornado that caused devastation across Illinois (LINK)
Image: NOAA
Residents and emergency crews ramped up the tedious cleanup process Sunday in communities across tornado-damaged northern Illinois, piling pieces of shattered walls at the curb, finding medications buried in rubble and removing splintered tree limbs from farm fields.
 Several residents remained hospitalized with injuries from Thursday night's powerful storms, officials said, but most people in the communities from tiny Fairdale to Kirkland to subdivisions near Rochelle were able to continue to salvage personal belongings or haul debris from damaged property.
However, don't let the alarmists, the pushers of the falsified AGW hoax fool you. The Weather Channel reports:  US tornado season has been quieter than ever. NBC News reports:

2015 Tornado Season Is Much Quieter Than Normal: Weather Channel

This year's tornado season is off to a slow start, despite last week's deadly twisters that devastated an Illinois town, forecasters said Tuesday. 
The tornado count is 59 percent below average for the year-to-date, thanks mostly to the bitterly cold conditions that gripped the nation, keeping out the warm and moist Gulf Coast air needed to set off the spiraling winds. 
"It's the flipside of the very cold winter we've just had," Weather Channel lead meteorologist Kevin Roth said. "The never-ending cold weather systems kept the southern air away for much longer than normal. What was bad news for some has been good news for others. It has been a really slow start to the tornado season."
Read More Here: NBC News

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